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Our research

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The Lung Association funds world-class medical research in Canada to find treatments - and ultimately a cure - for lung diseases. Through the Canadian Thoracic Society and Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals, we help doctors and allied health professionals set the highest standards in patient care, and continue to expand their knowledge about lung diseases and treatments.

For 2012-2013, The Lung Association is once again upholding its commitment to supporting research excellence through Research Grants, Fellowships and Team Grants.

Read a complete listing of the 2012-2013 Research Award recipients

Partners in research

The Lung Association partners with leading healthcare companies and organizations to offer research awards and fellowships. Thanks to these partnerships, we're able to increase by up to 100% the amount of money we can award. This results in more dollars for Canadian-led research on lung disease.

We select award winners through an arms-length peer review process managed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. This ensures that funding applications are assessed against a national standard of excellence.

The Lung Association is proud to announce the following recipients of our partnered awards:

GlaxoSmithKline  Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Canadian Lung Association /GlaxoSmithKline/Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fellowship Awards

The Lung Association in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research are pleased to announce the successful applicants for 2009-2010:

Dr. Tillie-Louise Hackett - Post Doctorate Research Fellow - St. Paul's Hospital, BC
Project Title: The role of Apical Junction Complexes in airway epithelial repair and differentiation in asthma